why iGiene C2

A comprehensive booklet attached to each bottle reminds you why the doctor prescribes iGiene C2 for soothing Cleansing & Conditioning  comfort

  • Leading eye Specialists prescribe iGiene C2 for a simple reason: The threshold of your eye health and comfort is a tiny oily layer of your tear film, so thin and so delicate that it is 13,500 times thinner than a dime! Only the best formulation can be trusted.
    This tiny film has the all important function of preventing the entire tear film from evaporating. It is produced ONLY  by specialized  glands that are located not in your eye, but in your eyelid.   To optimize these important glands   an advanced ophthalmic formula is required to daily clean the area around the eyes  without disrupting the skin’s natural  defense mechanism. Only iGiene C2 has a unique ophthalmic formula to do this. 
  • iGiene C2 meets the minute challenges of your skin with deep molecular knowledge. We know that the skin around your eyes is very different than other skin. It is more complex,  much thinner and in constant motion(you already know that it is first to show signs of aging!).  Its outer layer  is as thin as the tear film itself. Little needs to go wrong for you to have discomfort. Dry Eye-, contact lens- and Lasik specialists have known for years that uncalibrated cleansers represent potential danger factors. And that a  best solution is available:
  • iGiene C2 is fine-tuned for this unique skin,  gentle for the eyes and optimizes tear lipid production.When only the best is good enough.