how doctors can contact us


To order: If you would like  the best cleanser and conditioner iGiene C2 at your fingertips, please contact your doctor's office with the request for them to contact us. We will be happy to open an account for the office and thank you in advance for your assistance.

New Doctors

Since 1995 we are committed to our policy of providing our sophisticated products to eye specialists only. We welcome new accounts into the leading group of eye specialists who value our mutual dialogue.  Please have your office contact us at

Existing Accounts

We always look forward to hearing from you. You may continue to call or email us through  the provided exclusive contact details. To order: .

Optical distributor inquiries

If you are an ophthalmic distributor marketing only to eye specialists (i.e. not to retail outlets, or on the web, or via social media), we look forward to talking to you.

Independent agents/representatives

Inquiries will be considered

Retail inquiries

Please no retail inquiries


our policy:

The advanced research at iGiene Ophthalmic Labs (part of the iGenics group) is behind many of the top skin care brands.  iGiene C2 is a branded product formulated to address the #1 eye disease (Dry Eye) and #1 reason for eye discomfort. Designed in response to the many uncalibrated alternatives at retail and on the web,  iGiene C2 is the exclusive domain of leading eye specialists for whom only the best for their patients is good enough.