who benefits from iGiene C2

iGiene C2 is for everyone diagnosed with Dry Eye Symptoms (DES) where urgent removal of debris on the eyelids and eyelashes is important

DES is chronic (age related) and will never get better, daily  optimization is always beneficial!

iGiene C2 is for all contact lens wearers and Lasik recipients where optimization of the tear film have different reasons, but are equally urgent.

Note to Women: iGiene C2 knows that you have to cope with additional factors.Hormonal changes bring DES earlier and more severe.pH changes in the skin  are more dramatic, making its immune system more fragile;Cultural expectations of make up, mascara, eyeliner help create breeding grounds for pathogens. Daily removal must be gentle, yet effective.

Age related: iGiene C2 helps build rejuvenation qualities into the skin (the production area of the tear film). These are important contributions as the skin around the eyes gets thinner as we grow older, making the glands more vulnerable to outside challenges. It is not a luxury to have a healthiest skin. To see better you must look better. iGiene C2 addresses both.

iGiene C2 is an important treasure in the personal hygiene routine of all, women and men alike.

See and look your best beginning today!