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My doctor prescribed a lid cleanser and I gained the best make up remover, so i saved money while having soothing vision comfort!

iGiene C2 is also a great facial Conditioner, seeing better never looked so good!

iGiene C2 ophthalmic formula is the very best eyelid cleanser yet very economical. (SRP $35-$45) Used twice daily as directed by your physician each unit represents a 3 month supply. (180 applications to see and look your best!)Proven ophthalmic optimization and skin rejuvenation for pennies per day. The very best at your fingertips.

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Note women:  iGiene C2 represents a superior cleanser to remove mascara, eyeliner or make up.  Many women discovered that this sophisticated ophthalmic  formula that helps you see better does not represent an additional health investment. It's the best make up remover and skin cleanser as well.  You too can look your best beginning today. 

Note men:  Daily lid hygiene is critical as your doctor will have explained. You may wish to know that iGiene C2 represents also  a superior skin nutrient shaving lather, leaving your skin more smooth, hydrated and stronger.

iGiene C2 is 1
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