when should you use iGiene C2

iGiene C2 helps restructure from within and protect the skin on the outside

iGiene C2 should be applied as doctor recommended and especially in all urgent encrustation or abnormalities of the eye contour.


For daily optimization iGiene C2 should  be applied twice daily. ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT before going to bed

  • At night the skin around the eyes repairs itself from attack by UV light, inanimate environmental fragments (e.g. dust, smoke) and manmade debris (color cosmetics, pollution) and antigens.
  • iGiene C2 is specifically formulated to fortify and strengthen  the skin on all levels after cleansing from its top layer to boosting elastin and collagen activity.
  •  iGiene C2 optimizes the skin’s natural defense mechanism and offers a molecular mantle to help protect itself at night when bacteria and pathogens are most active


MORNING Make it part of your daily hygiene routine as brushing teeth.

  • Night debris should be cleansed. Cells and intercellular space are enhanced and natural defense mechanism against UV light optimized.
  •  The ability to absorb moisture from the air and facility to retain moisture.